Which Social Network Has the Longest Shelf Life for a Piece of Content?

Looking to have your content showcased on social media platforms for long enough to improve your company’s marketing strategy? This article digs into which social networks can help you fulfill this task.

Everything posted on social media is fleeting and temporary, as opposed to the content you would post on your website. Consequently, navigating social media marketing for your company can be difficult, requiring strategies to elevate your brand’s popularity successfully.

Different social media platforms have different time durations for the content appearing on their feeds. If you’re a regular user of social media, you might have an idea of the lifespan of posts on some of these networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. This is an essential metric as it determines the design and length of the posts you’ll use. If you’re looking to expand your organization’s online presence, keep reading as we break down how long social networking platforms will showcase your material and which is the best for the long-term marketing of a product or service.


One of the most popular social media apps, Instagram’s content has a standard lifespan of approximately 48 hours. The average follower engagement on Instagram for business profiles is 1.94% as of 2022. With around 95 million posts on Instagram daily, your business’s products or services will take at least 12 hours to gain traction.

The less your followers interact with your posts, the less likely newer posts are to show up on their feeds. This is because Instagram is programmed to show users content from accounts they interact with frequently. You can engage with more people on the app by posting quality content with hashtags, which will help you secure and retain more reception.


Facebook, with a total daily count of 1.88 billion active users, is known to have one of the fastest decay of the most in-demand social media platforms. In recent years, the app has seen a decline in relevancy as the younger generation prefers more interactive platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Posting content will obtain one-third of its overall contribution and stay there for five hours.
If you have a Facebook marketing strategy, you should be aware that incessant posting won’t help with user engagement and might even lower it. Back-to-back posts often irritate your audience and might be reported as poor quality or spam. The Facebook algorithm demotes your content if individuals don’t want to see it on their timeline.


If you’re smart, you’ll promote your brand by posting regularly on Pinterest. It has the most extended lifespan of all social networks, and your material can appear weeks or even months after it’s put out on user feeds. Pinterest’s algorithm caters to the pin and pinner quality, topic significance, and domain quality.

It’s recommended to avoid re-pinning all the time and focus on creating and pinning quality media, as otherwise, your followers might get irritated and report your account for spamming. To forego recycling content, you should create unique and creative images, publishing them with relevant hashtags. In this way, your posts will remain in the spotlight longer and be easily found in searches.


Before Instagram developed its Stories feature, Snapchat was in popular demand and was favored by millions of users. While its user activity and engagement have fallen over the years, it still has a pool of loyal followers.

The content posted on Snapchat has a very short lifespan. When you’re chatting with someone, messages are deleted almost immediately unless you hold them down and save each one. Unopened chats also get deleted after a month. On this social media platform, snaps last about 10 seconds and are lost into the network of fans the moment they’re put out. In contrast, stories posted have a life cycle of 24 hours, meaning they possess greater longevity compared to snaps. However, given the many users of Snapchat, snaps can be an excellent tool for sharing behind-the-scenes moments and sneak-peeks of upcoming products; just don’t rely on them for announcements and essential, detailed updates.


Twitter ranks as one of the most used mobile apps, and with millions of tweets uploaded every day, it’s no surprise that the relevancy of tweets expires much more quickly than other social media content. If you post a tweet marketing a product, your post will get drowned out within seconds due to your timeline being flooded with incoming tweets.

To counter this, you can retweet or repost your material multiple times to get it to the top of people’s timelines. However, you should avoid using this tactic since it can irritate your followers. Don’t hesitate to visit Twitter analytics through your account and dissect your engagements, follower count, profile visits, and tweet impressions. You can use them to determine a strategic time to post while keeping your schedule in mind.


Whether it’s learning a new food recipe or watching your favorite band perform a duet with another famous singer, YouTube is full of new and regular content, just like TikTok and Twitter. However, the lifespan of your posts are much longer than either of these platforms.

The answer lies in YouTube’s feature that allows you to share the update of a new video on other social media platforms. When people post updates regarding a new YouTube vlog or song on other apps, their content is likely to receive engagement for more than 20 days and can appear in the YouTube suggested section.


These days, everybody is either posting TikToks or talking about a TikTok. While its social media posts have a short time span, the app has become so popular that marketers have started using the platform to promote their brands and products. However, due to the high level of competition, it can be challenging to make your content stand out.

You can use TikTok to track and predict the latest trends, which is beneficial if you want to achieve a top viewed post because only when you go viral can you gain traction on your social media posts. Just like with Twitter, don’t forget to keep checking the analytics feature and posting regularly during peak engagement hours. Even if you don’t go viral, TikTok is a great way to engage with audiences, especially the younger ones.


You finally have the answer to the question posed at the beginning of this article. You can achieve the longevity of your posts by using Pinterest if that’s the goal you’ve set for your social media marketing plan. People use this social media app as a source of inspiration, looking for ideas and suggestions regarding topics of their interest.

However, it’s essential to recognize that when it comes to social networks, there are many factors to consider in raising awareness regarding your company. If you’re unsure how to manage social media platforms, you can always hire a creative web design agency to do the grunt work for you. These professionals can significantly help in the decisions regarding social media platforms that would be best suited for promoting your products and services.

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